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Purchasing One Card

Does your company have to track expenses on too many cards? Or maybe your cards don't offer any real benefits. It's time to simplify with one process, one card issuer and one invoice.

  • Card program customized for your organization's needs
  • Simplify administrative tasks
  • Ability to set spending controls and point-of-sale restrictions
  • Enhance cash management

A purchase card and corporate card

The Ameris Bank One Card combines the flexibility of a corporate card with the simplicity of a purchase card, creating one solution for anything from major purchases to travel expenses. Your employees get to carry a single card, and you get to streamline your company's expense management. It's the buying power your company needs in today's world.


  1. No annual card fees
    Because a card shouldn't cost you money just to use it.
  2. Travel and purchase benefits
    Travel and purchase benefits that make transactions safer, easier and more rewarding.
  3. Liability protection
    $100,000 protection, per instance, from misuse by employees.
  4. Cost savings
    Decrease costs associated with the processing of checks, invoices and purchase orders.
  5. Flexible authorization system and cardholder spending controls
    Manage where cards are used and limit company exposure.
  6. Easy integration with accounting and financial systems
    Eliminate many manual processes such as data entry and filing.
  7. Detailed transaction data and full reporting for complete expense management
    Get all the data needed to measure card program performance and streamline expense reporting.
  8. Account setup and maintenance
    Manage and control accounts online in real time.
  9. Corporate Billing with flexibility for Individual Billing all under the protection of corporate liability
    Manage corporate expenses while holding employees accountable for prompt payment.
  10. Experienced implementation project managers and relationship managers to help with end-to-end program management strategies
    Achieve the greatest cost savings and improved efficiencies from your card program.
  11. Supplier management solutions
    Identify and develop opportunities with strategic suppliers.

Want to automate your payment and reconciliation process? One Card makes it easy. Plus, you'll receive access to a full set of digital tools to analyze your company's data and turn it into valuable information. Access Online® and Visa® IntelliLink Spend Management are at your fingertips.


We're here to help every step of the way.


We're here to help every step of the way.

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